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Finking of phonics

Iy yoost to bee ay priymary skool teecha and ova twentee yeers lurnt ay lot abowt how childrun lern to reed, iy am sow pleezed yoo arr mayking them lern ownly by foniks now, as dekayds of inturnashnal reesurch has fownd that Inglish is afta orl baysikly a fonikly struktured langwij and it wil obveeusly mayk lurning eezyur for them to lurn to reed liyk this. Wen iy woz studeeing abowt how wee all reed, iy allso fownd owt that ov cors nun ov us evva yoose howle-wurd-rekognishun, predikshun or comparisun with fermilier wurds, so it iz gud yoo hav desidid too doo awaiy with orll that stuf. Iy did a lot ov wurk on foniks and iy caym too undurstand yoosing foniks mayks riyting a lot eesyer, and it gows to show how fonikly regula ower langwij reely iz.

It miyt bee a pitee that the childrun wownt bee aybul to reed thair naymes as mowst ov thees arr not fonik, but iy gess biy the tiyme awl the problums emerj, the Labur guvurnment wil bee bak and yool bee aybul too blayme them for the teribul reeding standerds in skools. Jollee gud ploy, Miykul. Gud luk with it awl.

John Alton, Retired primary school headteacher, Devon.

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