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First past the Winning post?;Jotter

LINDSAY PATERSON, the Edinburgh University polymath who riled Cardinal Thomas Winning by suggesting the Scottish Parliament might investigate continued state funding of Catholic schools, should look west for guidance.

Renfrew school board is backing a referendum on that very matter. But before councillors in Paisley knot their Y-fronts and Sloggies, it is the Renfrew County Public School Board in Ontario.

A reader, back from holiday in the province, was rather tickled by the close comparisons. A Sunday paper is assisting the vote and arguments on both sides look strangely familiar. In case MSPs on the Mound need some guidance, here is the question:

"Do you favour a public school system where all children, regardless of their religious affiliation, attend the same schools where opportunities for religious education, not specific to a religious denomination, may be provided?" Want a postal vote?

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