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Fit to be in charge?;Letter

I HAVE no special knowledge of, or interest in, the Western Isles but I am sure I am not alone in wondering why the council there can get nothing right. Its tale of fiascos runs from losing pound;23 million to bungling the merger of the Nicolson Institute and Lews Castle School (TESS, July 23).

It failed to consult the school board as regulations demand. OK, the board hardly exists because of resignations. But these apparently stemmed from earlier muddles and personality clashes.

Surely in such a fraught situation officials should have been extra careful extra to observe procedures instead of leaving a legal loophole that was sure to be exploited.

The latest saga, petty though it is, almost makes one support Ian Dutton (Letters, July 23) in his claim that local government responsibility for running schools has had its day.

John Crombie Blackness Road Dundee

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