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The five Best ... Answers in ICT exams

1 - Q. Joanna works in an office with a stand-alone system. What is this?

A. It doesn't come with a chair.

2 - Q. The local swimming pool uses a computer system to regulate water levels. Can you suggest a disadvantage with this?

A. Computers don't make very good lifeguards.

3 - Q. Can you think of two reasons why Hazel would rather receive an email than a letter?

A. She doesn't like her postman and she hates paper cuts.

4 - Q. What is a CD-Rom?

A. An album of romantic music.

5 - Q. What is an advantage of video-conferencing?

A. You can't smell bad breath on a video.

- Excerpts from F in Exams, published by Summersdale

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