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The five .... worst psychology answers

1 - Q. Outline with two examples what is meant by "unanswered prayers"

A. Not winning the lottery and Arsenal never winning the league.

2 - Q. Explain the psycho-dynamic approach

A. Using your mind to move things, like a Jedi.

3 - Q. What does the term "case study" mean?

A. It's the process whereby you sit and stare at your suitcase the night before you go on holiday, not knowing what to pack.

4 - Q. Suggest a way to abate aggression

A. If your hands are tied behind your back you can't punch people.

5 - Q. Express the term "stereotype"

A. It's the kind of CD player you own.

Taken from F in Exams: The best test paper blunders, published by Summersdale. Email with suggestions for this column.

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