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Flagship boldly explores new words;Further Education

THE Government's flagship for lifelong learning, the University for Industry, has sailed into uncharted vocabulary on its way to redefining further education.

The UfI - which promises "a new way of learning" - has now come up with a new way of talking. College representatives attending a seminar on how to apply to become learning centres were surprised to find that the UfI had replaced courses and classes with "learning opportunities" and "learning episodes" and that students had become "customers".

Subjects are referred to as "learning objects", study is now a "learning experience" and instead of organising courses, the UfI will "broker learning opportunities".

Now even its own name, which has been in use since Chancellor Gordon Brown floated the idea at the Labour party conference in 1991, is under threat. New names have been market tested and the winner will be announced before the end of the month.

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