Flaming June

JUNE always was a difficult month in secondary schools. New timetables were introduced but pupils showed little enthusiasm for buckling down to work which psychologically belonged after the summer holidays. Near the top of the school the composition of new classes remained in doubt: it would be determined by success or failure in the exams just sat.

A fresh start was therefore necessary in late August when the air had cleared, just before the mists of autumn.

Things are worse now. Standard grades and Highers were put back several weeks. The change to the new timetable could not be fully implemented at thebeginning of this month. There is even less likelihood of pupils using the last few weeks of the session


Since sports, arts and other events are impossible in April and May because of the exams, it might even be sensible to declare that June is to be devoted to them, with no pretence at beginning next session's academic curriculum.

Of course that would throw out the notional calculations about the hours to be devoted to Higher Still, but we all know that theory and practice ill accord for that national programme anyway.

Stephen Green

Warrender Park Road


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