Flexible reading support

GERMAN READING ACTIVITIES FOR KS3S1 - 2. By Eleanor Caldwell. Association for Language LearningMary Glasgow. Publications Pounds 30 for non-members; Pounds 27 for members, plus Pounds 2 pp.

German Reading Activities is the latest activity pack from the Association for Language Learning in their Classroom Resources series.

It aims to provide reasonably priced, flexible resources not linked to any one course book.

Individual photocopiable task sheets are clear and bold. Texts cover topics and language for national curriculum levels 1 - 5 and Scottish Office Education Department elementary and intermediate levels. Each sheet starts with a text - puzzles, interviews, fiction, letters and poems - which is followed by activities aimed at developing reading skills. The range of texts is good and deals with an appropriate selection of topics. The activities offer variety and imagination. There is differentiation across activities: from simple information retrieval to more open-ended creative tasks.

These materials may be used in different ways: with the whole class; with pupils working in small groups; or individually in class or at home. Answer sheets are also provided. A photocopiable record sheet allows pupils to list new words they have learnt. The pack will make a useful complement to learning German at this level in a skill area which is still often overlooked.

Michael Grenfell Michael Grenfell is a lecturer at the Centre for Language Education, Southampton University Noinchoat Excellent organisation ensures this book matches the course requirements perfectly, and this alone is enough to recommend it strongly to any school planning to include this unit into Higher course.

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