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For end of term fun, fund raising events and possibly even scientific experiments, the range of Sky Flyers from Shelcore Toys are worth considering.

Sky Flyers are suitable for six year olds upwards and there are four in the range: Screechin' Eagle has a powerful rocket launcher which propels it up to 100 ft in the air so that it can screech and spiral its way back down to the ground, priced pound;5.99; Air-Blast Rocket can shoot up to 30 ft, whistling all the way, with its 'stomp action' launcher pedal, priced pound;7.99; Jet Screamers whistle up to 50 ft (pound;2.75) and Pop Planes are miniature models which can also fly up to 30 ft (pound;1.55). The planes are all foam based and child-safe in bright colours and designs.

* For information on your nearest stockist contact FEVA UK Ltd on 0181 963 8526.

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