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FRUIT IS FUN. Capespan. Tel: 01753 817917. Free. FISH: A WHOLE NEW PRODUCT. Sea Fish. Tel: 0131 558 3331. Free. ALL ABOUT POULTRY. British Chicken Information Service, Education Project Resources. Tel: 0171 373 7716. Free.

Just as television cook Delia Smith has gone back to basics, so pupils need to appreciate where the food they eat originates. These three resources go back to basic ingredients, focusing on their use in a number of food industries.

Fruit is Fun is designed for primary schools and provides a variety of activities to try in the classroom, for example, making fruit milk shakes and fruit salads. The teacher's notes are well produced, and links are made across the curriculum for England, Wales and Scotland. The notes are packed with information, ideas and suggestions. Some of the tasks are ideally suited to the schemes of work for Damp;T recently sent to all primary schools. The pack itself is well produced and colourful.

Fish: A Whole New Product, designed for 14 to 16-year-olds, looks at the development of a tuna burger from concept to product launch. A large poster describes the process, using a number of useful prompts to lead pupils in the right direction.

More detailed information is provided on a glossy case study cards sheet, and at each stage in the process tasks are suggested for further research and development.

The All About Poultry video explains the rearing and processing of poultry into food products. Presented in an authoritative tone, it crams in lots of facts. Video notes are supplied, indicating how it might be used. It is divided into manageable segments, each covering a particular aspect. Welfare issues are dealt with sensitively, and a number of interviews, which unfortunately suffer from bad lighting, give an insight into the poultry business. It's fascinating to watch the chicks being "processed", just like any other food commodity, from hatchlings through to adulthood. This allows the viewer to see the whole picture - from egg to chicken kiev!

Roy Ballam

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