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Food for life;Opinion

I was lucky because I was brought up with a mother (Jane Grigson) who was a marvellous cook and in a household where cooking was important. I suppose I just took nice food for granted.

Children from a very young age can help to cook.

They love that feeling of being involved in the food they're eating - they don't have to be terrifically good to begin to appreciate both the pleasure of cooking and of eating something they've helped to make.

In an ideal world children would learn from their parents. But one has to be realistic - most do not have time to spend showing small children how to cook.

I don't think schools can replace that, but what they can do is to make sure young people do not turn out totally unable to boil an egg.

What I'd like to see is many more primary schools doing food-related projects, enthusing young children.

It's only a few steps away from modelling dough, with the added benefit that you can eat it at the end.

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