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Food technology

Students can make their own chocolate bars by buying food friendly vacuum forming plastic and forming it around a small block of plywood. The sides are gently sloped with a belt sander and a feature is added to the top of the block using thick card. You then use this shape as a mould for chocolate.

Students could develop a new chocolate box selection similar to Milk Tray using the same principles as above. They need to select a customer to aim their chocolate selection at or pick a theme. Again the forms for the individual chocolates are vacuum-formed to create the tray. They could also develop graphics skills by designing a new box for their selection.

Fair trade chocolate has become more popular with supermarkets keen to show their sympathy towards third world counties. Sixth-formers could do a survey of fair trade chocolates against some of the popular brands. They could also use the survey to tell people about what fair trade chocolate is. Green and Blacks is a good example.

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