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Declan Gane coached mini rugby at Richmond FC for seven years. When his son was made captain of his school's rugby team, Gane looked for a book to inspire the young sportsman. To his surprise, the only available guides were for adults, so he contacted some of the sporting world's greatest captains and athletes and asked them for advice directly. Inundated with responses, he put together his own book, So You Want to be Captain?

What is it?

The book explores topics such as planning and preparation; knowing your players; teamwork; leadership skills; coping with mistakes; life away from the sport; emotional understanding; and secrets from the stars. Each page features key advice, words from a famous captain or athlete and a fact file about their career.

Contributors include Winter Olympics curling captain Rhona Martin and former England football captain Gary Lineker.

What else?

Visit or follow Gane on Twitter @declangane.

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Tes Editorial

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