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The Scottish Football Association is keen to hear from teachers and coaches about their ideas on the way forward for the game and how it should be structured in future. The SFA has asked PMP Consultancy to look at all aspects of youth football and comments have been invited from all interested parties.

"The aim of the review is to reach agreement on how football should be structured, from the very early stages of learning basic ball skills and physical education to structured coaching and then on to football at the highest levels in clubs and national teams," says Peter Mann, the project director.

"To ensure the review represents as many views as possible, we want to hear from those involved in the game at all levels, whether you are a teacher, coach, journalist, official or just have an interest in the game."

Some concerns already voiced are clashes between school and club commitments, poor facilities for schoolchildren and at least one school no longer plays because a teacher does not have the time to run a team.

Comments can be e-mailed to Mr Mann at

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