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Footprints point to a brighter tomorrow


The first of these two websites from the Tower Hamlets Humanities Education Centre, Citizenship Pieces is rather worthy, split from its first screen into teacher and pupil.

The idea is to share good practice whether you're setting up a school council or circle time.

For teachers, there are practical ideas such as project Charlie, a drug education programme building skills in health, self-esteem, responsibility and decision-making among others.

For children, the emphasis is on making school councils a proactive and positive force, offering advice and information on constitutions and roles.

Global Footprints looks at creating a sustainable future. A well-designed and good-looking site, it has some nice touches and interesting resources. For example, a questionnaire for teachers on the social and environmental impact of your school is linked to a similar quiz for Years 4-6 in the children's section.

This intelligent site is full of facts and questions for PHSE lessons, but also inspires teachers to raise these issues in other subjects. There are literacy and numeracy activities ready for you to download for Year 3 upwards.

I'll certainly be using Global Footprints in future.

Pam Turnbull is science co-ordinator at The Heys primary School, Ashton-under-Lyne

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