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In the footsteps of history

(Photograph) - Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery invited Year 3 pupils from our school and nearby Potter's Green Primary to help create a website about significant periods of Coventry's history, called Footsteps in Time.

Children became "experts" looking at notable sites, and drew buildings and artefacts. They also handled objects and were asked to explain their use or meaning. One child described an incendiary bomb as shaped like a missile or baseball bat. The children also helped evaluate the content of the site, and they loved seeing their own work displayed in such an interactive and exciting manner.

They dressed in costumes for the launch. They learnt a lot of history while being consulted about their own knowledge and opinions and grew in self-confidence as they saw that their skills could contribute to others'

learning. www.theherbert.orglearningfootstepsintime Vince Southcott and Michelle Hayward

Humanities co-ordinator and Year 3-4 phase leader, Holbrook Primary School, Coventry

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