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A foreign flavour on the Web

* The World Wide Webis evolving. These sites all existed in late February. If you fail to connect, check that you have copied the address correctly. Not allcontain "www" andcapitalisation must be right. If that does not work, delete the last fewcharacters up to a ""and try again.You can do that rightback to the first single "". Most of the sites here are in Europe and should be easier to access than those in the United States, especially during the US working day.

* General sites onlanguage with lots of links to other pages Human-Languages resource page from Willamette University in the United resource page from the University of experimental page from the University of East Anglia onlinelanguages * Foreign newspapershttp:www.lemonde.frhttp:www.welt.dehttp:www.larevista. el-m * Searching for * Test your Frenchgrammar: http:www-resus.univ-mrs.frUsFrancegrammaire.html * Check all the schools World Wide Web sites in the world:http:web66.coled.umn.eduschools.html * Find a ainmenu * Download foreign texts:http:web.cnam.frABUhttp:www.dsi.unimiitUsersStudentsmarkusvar ieother.htmlhttp:gutenberg.informatik.uni-hamburg.degutenbbibs.htmEngli sh texts available from Project Gutenberg:http:jg.cso.uiuc.eduPGwelcome.htmlUniversity of Virginiaelectronic text library in several languages: http:etext.lib.virginia.eduuvaonline.html

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