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Foreign Language Films Fact File

* In 1996, foreign-language films accounted for about 1 per cent of the British cinema market, down from 2 per cent in 1995.

* The combined box office takings for the top 20 foreign films released in Britain in 1995 was Pounds 15.5m. Batman Forever, 1995's top film, made Pounds 20m.

* French films continue to dominate the foreign film market in the UK, with 10 titles in the top 20 for 1995.

* Cyrano de Bergerac is the most successful foreign film ever in Britain, taking Pounds 2.4m in 1990. Jurassic Park, the most successful film in history, took Pounds 47.1m in Britain in 1993.

* When Empire, the most popular film magazine among young readers, put Cyrano's star, Gerard Depardieu, on its cover, sales dropped by 40 per cent.

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