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Foreign languages

GM crops are highly relevant to the A-level syllabus.

* KS4 students can research the correlation between weather and pollen count. Click on "Preferences" in Google to change the language when searching for suitable websites.

* Hay fever can stimulate creative role-play from Year 9 upwards. Encourage students to use dictionaries sparingly and focus on recycling familiar language. This framework will help (they probably know appropriate questions, such as "What's the matter?" "Are you ill?"): Symptoms: red nose, sore eyesthroathead. Tense: how many can they introduce? Can they include a "since" sentence? Causes: "What season is it?" "What is the weather like?" "What is in the garden?" Commands: Stay at home. Take your medicine. Modal verbs: What mustshould the victim donot do? One lexical item is essential if students are to throw themselves into the spirit of the task: Ha-ha-ha-hatchi! Atchu!

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