Forsyth turned off

The Secretary of State had first-hand experience of the competence of Scottish pupils last week when he opened the controversial M77 Ayr Road route. Michael Forsyth took the wheel of a vintage Albion lorry to drive through the tape, accompanied by eight year old David McGrath of Robslee Primary on the outskirts of Glasgow. He had written to the contractors during the construction phase and this was his reward.

Sitting beside Michael Forsyth might not be every teacher's idea of a reward, but David was in his element.

Having never learnt to drive a 1950 lorry, the Secretary of State was cautious, which is not normally his custom. But, attempting to stop, he could not find the 'off' switch. Young David came to the rescue and pointed to the right one, allowing Forsyth to switch off the roaring monster and proceed to his media interviews.

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