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Forthcoming events

29 March (Norfolk)

Mini Teachmeet East

John Innes Centre, Norwich, 4.30-6pm

This mini Teachmeet, lasting 90 minutes, will take place straight after the Norfolk ICT Conference. You do not need to attend the conference to take part.


3 May (North Somerset)

Teachmeet Clevedon - Juicy Learning

Clevedon School, Clevedon, 5.30-8.30pm

A Teachmeet with five-minute and two-minute micro-presentations. It will feature a keynote talk by motivational speaker Jim Roberson from the US. Use #TMClevedon to join the conversation on Twitter.


9 May (Buckinghamshire)

Teachmeet Buckinghamshire

Chesham Grammar School, White Hill, Chesham, 6-8pm

A classic Teachmeet in which teachers are invited to give five-minute or two-minute presentations on any aspect of classroom practice. "The atmosphere will be very supportive," the organisers say.


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