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Forum responses to cfe news

champagnecharlie: According to the BBC we will be allowed to delay exams, we will be given two more in-services and the Scottish government will publish assessment materials nationally. Finally! And thank god.

airy: What's changed? How many schools which run Standard grade are going to develop a whole course for Intermediates and then have to deal with Nationals the year after? That doesn't lessen the workload.

champagnecharlie: Two days would probably be just about enough for me to finish off the development of my part of the S3 course. National assessment examples will help - at least there is some benchmark for consistency across schoolsregions. We do Standard grade at the moment and, to be honest, I don't think our headteacher will delay the exams.

airy: National assessment examples will help, but remember they are coming from the people who love the NAR . It's a PR exercise.

flamencodancer: Don't see any change here at all. Which headteacher will want to delay it? This is all just a smokescreen. Did you hear MR on Radio Scotland this morning? Who will take up his offer of "help"? Not many. I fear that we shall all just muddle through whether we are ready or not. Will exemplars of assessments be produced? I seriously doubt it.

champagnecharlie: Well, I thought it was a step in the right direction, and at least a concession that things are not ideal and we're not really ready and we've not been given enough time. I'm glad to have the two in- service days, as long as my school lets me have the time to get things done and doesn't fill the day with pointless meetings.

flamencodancer: According to MR, only a few of us are not ready! Does anyone seriously believe that?

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