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Since when did school fairs count towards PM?

Advice please. Our head has told us that if we don't attend 13.5 hours of out-of-school events such as discos and fairs we will fail our performance management. Surely this can't be true?


There are two issues here. Are these 13.5 hours included in the school's directed time? No teacher can be directed to work at the weekend, by the way. Should a teacher fail to follow a reasonable instruction as part of directed time, the headteacher could formally discipline the teacher. But there is nothing in the PM regulations about such an action impacting on PM. Head sounds like a bit of a control freak.


In answer to your first point - yes, and no! The summer fair is on a Saturday but the rest are after school. In answer to your last comment - yes!


If one of your targets is to attend events as part of directed time, then obviously you fail if you don't do it. It would have to be one of the most ludicrousrisible PM targets ever conceived of though.


Spit in his tea.


You can only be asked to work so many days a year, so could be asked to work the Saturday. BUT you would have to be given another day off instead. Mmmm ... would you rather a full day in the classroom or a couple of hours running a stall?

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