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What would you do if money was no object?

Not if you won the Lottery, just if money became irrelevant.emilystrange

Cook, paint, write and travel.oh, and have lots and lots of dogs.Belle60_3

Two things: a box at White Hart Lane (football stadium) and a regular catered box at the Royal Albert Hall.florapost

I'd go to the opera and the ballet several times a week.nutella

Smallish yacht. Food, fuel and water. One last trans-ocean sailing trip. After that .?tidal

I love where I live, so would probably pay off the mortgage. I would give up work but work voluntarily in schools in deprived areas and for charities. Money would be no object as far as university education was concerned for my kids, and no member of my family or good friends would have to wait on the National Health Service.marymoocow

My fella and I have said we would do charity work abroad for a year, then come back to the UK and live on a canal boat. I would write my novel while we cruised the waterways, and my fella would enjoy all the real ales he could find in the canal-side pubs.JRTowner

Garden more. See friends more. Never iron again. Visit somewhere new every few weeks. Every few months do things far outside my comfort zone. Work when I want to with colleagues I get to choose. Fly first class. Always feel in control. Learn to sail. Wait: where did "learn to sail" come from? I never knew I wanted to do that.mmmmmaths

Your inner desires are coming out.emilystrange


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