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Life without a television

.is good, very good.roominator

Life without a computer, on the other hand.cuteinpuce

I've lived without a television for more than five years and very rarely miss it. Occasionally I use BBC iPlayer to catch up, but mostly I read, knit or complete a jigsaw to relax. I probably couldn't manage without a computer though.wiemaranerlover

Two types of people to avoid like the plague: those who have just been burgled; those who don't have a TV.Scintillant

I love TV and refuse to be ashamed of the fact that I watch it a lot. I find it so funny that people who claim to not watch TV always seem to know what goes on in soaps.catmother

When it comes to what we like for entertainment, we should apologise for nothing - with the exception of, um, blood sports.coffeekid

Any burglar who could actually manage to shift our ancient, huge and very heavy TV would be welcome to it. It took two grown men to get it out of the van into the house and they were sweating like racehorses at the finish.Manashee

People who don't have a TV are frequently falling over themselves to tell you that they don't have one. They just can't wait to say it, as if it makes them a better person somehow. Bore off!YesMrBronson

We have a TV but I rarely watch it. In the past week I've seen two football games, but that's it for the month. Except for another footy game - I forgot that one.emilystrange


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