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Do you buy your pets a Christmas gift?

I've just spent too much money in Pets at Home buying for my three cats - they have a big bag of posh dried cat food, a scratching box, a kick-around catnip toy, a door-hanger toy, some ping-pong balls and some catnip mice. That's more than I bought for most of my family.


My wife bought our pet Woody one of those "indestructible" squeaky dead rat things. Indestructible my arse ... it lasted one minute, 17 seconds.


I think the idea of presents for pets is because they are part of the family and you wouldn't leave anyone out. And you get pleasure from playing with the pet, too.


Honey (the dog) is getting a cuddly penguin, with cuddly, squeaky eggs hidden inside it for her to find. The cat, well ... if she could get out of bed long enough to actually open a present, I might buy her something. The poor fish, I am afraid, will get nothing.


Several years ago, we got our cats some catnip teabags and made them catnip tea. As soon as they came within a few yards of the bowl, they would start nuzzling their heads on the floor and acting out of it!


It makes sense to buy a dog a chew toy so they are occupied while everyone is lounging around watching TV. All a dog really wants is turkey - ideally the whole thing.


I have pressies for my dogs wrapped and under the tree: a turkey Jumbone each, a penguin toy with a squeaker and a bottle of dog beer. When we crack open our first drink on Christmas Day, they can share their beer.


I've just read this thread thinking some normally rational people are actually insane.


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