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What teachers would banish to room 101

Politicians, teaching agencies and taxi drivers who stop in the middle of the road to let people out, despite there being a space right next to them.

guinnesspuss 2

I would banish 4x4s (particularly those on the school run), couscous and telephone calls that are recorded messages.


My initial response was Gove, Cameron and Clegg. Although I would definitely put Jeremy Clarkson, snakes and ill-mannered people in there too.


Call centres, Virgin Media and Gove *shudders*.


Low doorways, low lampshades, low ceilings (a particular problem on the Tube), public transport with not enough legroom, short beds and, in general, anything whose design fails to take into account the fact that some people are actually tall. My university bookshop is guilty in this respect - the ceiling is only about half a centimetre above my head, so any time I walk under a light, I feel like my hair is about to catch fire. Add to this list incompetent administration, which I have had to deal with rather a lot recently.


For me, it would be the following: wasps, purple Vauxhall Corsas and their drivers, and Celine Dion for crimes against music.


People who do not clear up after their dogs. People who drive into the school car park to drop off their kids. People who cannot control horrid yappy dogs on bungee leads when I am either on my bike or with my kids.


Free-range children in restaurants, people who don't like cats and people who have to *share* (through social networking sites) every tedious detail of their lives.


Kirklees Local Education Authority, middle lane hogs, Kerry Katona.


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