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When is the right time to say goodbye?

I went from department head to working part-time, and have always loved doing my job. Since going back in September, though, I have decided that this is going to be my last year. I shall be 58 when I finish next summer. Today I have booked a cruise departing on the first of September next year, so that is it - the decision is now definitely made!


For me, when I decided I was going to go, everything seemed so much easier: the job, the children, the paperwork, etc.


Yes, I agree. Once the decision is made the niggles don't get to you so much. Nothing matters as much but you actually can concentrate on enjoying the teaching part, which is the bit most of us like.


I now know that everything I shall be doing will be for the last time, but I shall wait a while longer before telling anyone at work. We aren't due to be inspected by Ofsted for another two years, so, all being well, I won't ever have the stress of that again.


I made my decision four terms before I went and it gave me plenty of psychological prep time, which you need. The last parents' evening was the best!


I heartily endorse the point about psychological prep time. I found the long lead-in time to actually leaving of great benefit, as it allowed me to disengage from the job in a controlled way, so that when the last day of term came it felt like the culmination of a gradual process and I had a really good time.


I have made the decision to go next summer, and I am now doing some things for the very last time - open evening, PM planning - and it is a nice feeling. Likewise, I too am worrying less and just enjoying teaching in the classroom. I really couldn't give two hoots now about some of the stuff that is being dished up on almost a daily basis from the senior leadership team.


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