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Do you lend equipment to students?

I am fed up with lending pens, rulers, coloured pencils, etc. I'm interested to know if others feel the same, or am I just grumpy?


Fed up too, considering that a lot of my pupils are pretty well off.


Not only am I fed up with it, but I'm fed up with not getting them back. Even worse than that, I'm fed up of finding my stuff broken (on purpose) and thrown on the floor when they have gone.


I used to rent pens and so on to students. All contributions went into a charity tin for the local children's hospice.

Gardening Leaves

I confess, I have been known to demonstrate something to a pupil using their pen and to walk off with it. Whoops ...


The problem is that I can never remember who I lent what, and what's worse is that I realise it when students have finished school.


I have been known to lend out red crayons to habitual offenders.


And yet the girls are fully equipped with mascara, pencils, face paint and lip stuff.


If they borrow something from me, I take a shoe. Yet to see a child hop out of class. (They only ask once, by the way.)


When I tried that, the other kids complained about the god-awful pong - especially from the one sitting near a radiator ...


I used to trade pupils' equipment. I gave a pencalculator or whatever and they gave me their iPodphone or similar. Sometimes even just headphones as the iPods are useless without anyway. At the end of the lesson we swapped back. I never lost equipment that way.


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