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Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Are you having a Jubilee street party? I have just been told that we are. The last street party I went to was for the Queen's coronation. The bookie's daughter won first prize in the fancy dress competition. She was dressed as the Queen and riding on the rag and bone man's horse.


I remember for the Silver Jubilee in 1977 my wife painted a Union Jack on our coal house wall and all the streets had tables and chairs out in the back lane for an al fresco meal. It was bloody freezing and it took me weeks to get the paint off the coal house wall.


Yes. There's all sorts going on in the villages around us but we are having our own big bash. Keeping it all very British with Pimm's, coronation chicken, British bangers and strawberries and cream.


No. Betty Britain's longevity is of no concern to us in Yorkshire.


I was up in Yorkshire yesterday and I noticed lots of red, white and blue bunting and flags.


We hung those out so you southerners would want to keep paying us benefits.


I'm using the occasion to put on a party at my house. The day also coincides with my mum's birthday so it's not entirely a celebration for the Jubilee. The cul-de-sac that I live in has a whole mix of people. We have adopted many of the old people so are doing a Jubilee tea party for them at lunchtime and then the day will morph into a barbecue for the rest of us.


Not a street party, but we have erected a marquee down on the bottom paddock, festooned with bunting and red, white and blue, twinkly lights. The bunting and flags will stay up until England are knocked out of the Euros.


So ... the bunting and flags will be put away in nearly mint condition then? *runs away quickly and hides*


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