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Life on Mars

What do you think the Martian folk will make of this when they hear on their wirelesses that a strange machine has dropped out of the sky and is starting to snoop around? Will they all panic?


It's another colossal waste of money. Many people still live in trailer parks in the US.


I think that finding any life on another planet will change the way we think about ourselves profoundly. We knew what shape and colour Earth was before the famous "blue marble" photo, but seeing that image changed us. Same with life on Mars.


So what if we discover life on another planet; it won't change us will it? (raising eyes smiling thingy)


It's a prestige thing for America. They should sort out their problems here on Earth first, like a decent health service and the absurd gun laws.


Is it possible to put a price on the value the world gets from substantial exploration projects?


It's about time we stopped sending probes and put a person on the bloody planet. Considering it's now been 43 years since we (possibly) put a man on the Moon, we need to push human exploration further.


I'm concerned over whether this craft, Curiosity, might fall on top of a Martian cat.


Will any Martians get probed?


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