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What to do now the Olympics are over

Despite only having a mild interest before they started, I found myself turning on the telly every morning (this I never do) to see what events were on. Now I will just have to start on the jobs that I had planned to do during the holidays.


You can come round to my place and do some tidying up.


Watch Homes Under the Hammer and Heir Hunters. Or all-day Come Dine With Me.


Brand new Pointless is on, too. My penance for two weeks of laziness has been a couple of hours' weeding. The garden still looks awful, though. That will do for today, gently easing myself back into a more normal routine.


I don't want normal routine. A little Escape to the Country might cheer me up a bit. Think I'll watch the opening ceremony again.


Well, I've visited my mother and done her shopping. I've hung out the washing and now I'm going to have a general all-round tidy up.

Later on I'll indulge myself with my guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of New York. Has anyone ever watched this?


Yes, but I am not hooked thankfully. Aren't they all just vile? They are such revolting, opinionated, self-obsessed, shallow women. I watched it open-mouthed when I found it by accident. Unbelievable but, yes, hard to turn off.

Arched Eyebrow

I've tidied my office, found my desk and sat down. Done no work yet.


It's easy: lie in bed until 10am, reading and dozing. Get up, shower and dress. Go downstairs, make coffee and grab a packet of chocolate digestives. Sit on settee, pick up laptop, log in to TES forums. Twelve hours later, go to bed.


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