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Do pupils expect everything on a plate?

Is it just me or is the whole results saga another example of people expecting everything to be easy and given to them? Yes, results are down. Yes, a change in grade boundary is going to affect results. Half the students ive seen interviewed on TV can barely deliver a coherent sentence let alone be annoyed they didnt get a C grade or above... Some pupils just arent able. (sic)


Judge not, lest your post be littered with examples of your inability to use the apostrophe correctly.


If I were one of your (blevster24's) pupils, I would question why you were correcting my work when it's obvious you have poor literacy skills yourself.


While some students work hard and deserve good grades, there is that lazy subset who play Call of Duty (COD) until 7am, can't concentrate in lessons and then, guess what? You are marked down in observations because pupils are too tired to pay attention in class and they underachieve. If COD was banned the average grade would go up a few tenths in most subjects.


Many of the students who were disappointed last Thursday were upset because they had been told they would get a certain grade.


The issue is the changing of the boundaries midway through the year. Next year's results will probably go down again, but at least students and teachers will know that they need to achieve a much higher standard to be assured that all important C grade.


I find it difficult to feel sympathy for students predicted a C grade who end up with less than that. Let's be honest here, if you aren't capable of getting at least a comfortable C grade in something like English there's something wrong. Either the child is lazy or stupid. Why should we waste time dragging them up an extra couple of marks just so it looks good on the results table?


It's not all about results tables. It's about nasty-minded people like you treating pupils like shit because they didn't get a C.


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