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What do you make of the EBac Certificate?

What are your thoughts on this new exam? Is the three-hour exam a good idea? What about the shake-up of the top grades?


Any system that relies on a candidate regurgitating learned material on to paper in an exam only tests one aspect of intelligence. Times have moved on, and powers of analysis and synthesis are more important than ready recollection of facts.huevosrancheros

Why not just give all children a proper educational psychologist's report if we really want to know their strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes instead of another opportunity to teach to written tests like barking memory sticks?


God help my special needs students. Nothing for them here. Consigned to the dustbin of life again. Cobblers.


Will this new exam mean that the examination of English language skills will be totally separated from the examination of knowledge or understanding of English literature? If so, I agree with the change.


Why doesn't Michael Gove just call it "school certificate" and reinstate the system before the introduction of ^O levels in 1952?

voodoo child

Gove proposes that there will be only one exam board offering the core subjects. How does he propose to prevent the WJEC (Wales-based examination board) offering their exams to schools in England, as currently happens?

florian gassmann

I think this is a change that has to be made and that my job will be easier as a result. No module exams to worry about, less exam admin, no controlled assessments to plan and mark. Bring it on!

voodoo child

I just despair for the poor SEN children I teach, those with Asperger's, ADHD and attention and listening problems as there is no way they would be able to cope with a three-hour exam.

Fiona L

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