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Ofsted for doctors

It'll be interesting to see how the re-validation of doctors' abilities works in practice. I wonder if it'll be anything like Ofsted is in education. I can see it now ... "Sorry, Dr Jones, you may think that drug X is best to cure that illness, but I think you should have used drug Y so I'm failing you."


I can't see doctors putting up with the level of nonsense that we in teaching do. They're still a profession and we're not.


Politicians don't need teachers. They do need doctors. They might impose it on GPs, but not on Harley Street. Come to think of it, that is just like education after all. Oops, my bad.


Proper doctors will have nothing to fear, but the NHS is paying totally incompetent doctors as well.


I don't have much time for doctors. Overpaid, rude and largely useless. But I suspect I'll be largely alone in holding that opinion.


Over the course of your life you may have reason to change your view.


Oh for **** sake. If a doctor is rubbish then you just go and see another one. As with teaching, all this crap just detracts people from doing the main job, either treating or teaching.


Good to see how supportive teachers are of another profession about to undergo "inspections". Not.


Are you saying we should be supportive of the doctors? The doctors who are on six-figure salaries? This is just another layer of pointless bureaucracy that will serve no purpose.


I can't see Ofdoc being the pointless waste of money that Ofsted is. I can't see the GMC (General Medical Council) letting it get that way.


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