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Do you need to do skills tests to be a teacher?

According to Charlie Taylor on Radio 4, all teachers need do to the skills tests before starting teacher training. But at the same time, you can be an unqualified teacher in an academy and still teach.


So having a degree, GCSE and A levels aren't enough. Phew, so glad I spent eight years working on them. Unnecessary bureaucracy and wasted money to prove what exam certificates already state.


This is a shocking indictment of the exam system and GCSE standards. And academies can use unqualified teachers. Joined-up thinking?


I don't think it is unreasonable to expect teachers to be literate and numerate. However, the same standard needs to be applied to all, meaning academies, state schools and private schools. I'd like to see all teachers having to have QTS, as in Scotland.


I wonder what would happen if all current teachers had to pass the test to continue teaching?


The way Gove is going I wouldn't put it past him to force teachers to sit an A level every five years and get a grade A to continue teaching.


Interesting how the Teaching Agency *spits* has put itself forward to "run these tests". Their dirty fingerprints are all over the dumbing down of the profession in the first place


The rather ridiculous thing is that this will have massive support among the "sharp-elbowed, middle-class Nimbys" that are the bedrock of Conservative voters.


What's the problem with having a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy? I can't think of one.


The tests are laughably easy. If you can't pass them, you shouldn't be put in charge of a washing machine, let alone a group of kids.


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