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Misheard lyric syndrome

Boney M's Rasputin came on the radio this afternoon and it caused me to recollect how I'd misheard the lyrics as a child: "Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen" to my young ear in 1978 appeared as: "Ra-Ra-Rasputin lather up the Russian tree"!


"I try to say goodbye and I choke. Try to walk away and I stumble. Though I try to hide it, it's clear, I wear goggles when you are not here."


My favourite from one of my pupils years ago: "Dance, dance, wherever you may be. I am the Lord of the damp settee."


Alanis Morissette: "It's not faaaaaair, to deny meeeee, of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me." Oops.


"Bapa Dom Beach" always seemed like a good place to go if you were in trouble deep.


A pupil years ago: "Away in a manger, no crisps for a bed. The little Malteser lay down his sweet head." Still think of it at every nativity.


From The Wizard of Oz: "Somewhere over the rainbow weigh a pie."


Siouxsie and the Banshees' Spellbound: "Following the footsteps of a rich old aunt we are entranced" (rag doll dance). Visions of old, mystic lady ...


My father-in-law was convinced that the words of Sad Sweet Dreamer went "Septicaemia, it's just one of those things you put down to experience."


Herman's Hermits: "She's a muscular boy."

Geoff Thomas

"Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard ..."

Gardening Leaves

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