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Why don't we ask to be paid for lessons on Saturdays and during the holidays?

With the revision season in full swing, I notice some colleagues being pressurised to do revision lessons. I was asked last week and replied by asking what the pay rate was (I was being devil's advocate). Why do we feel so bad about asking for extra money for doing this? I don't mind doing the odd hour after school but giving up a day at the weekend or in the holidays? Sod that.


The only school I've worked in that offered SaturdayEaster holiday sessions paid teachers. It was a state 11-18 school.


I was told just before Easter that if I wanted to run exam revision during the holiday I would be paid for it. I declined the offer to run the session but it was nice to know I would have been recompensed had I done so.


More fool the teachers who do it for nothing, not even time off in lieu.


Yes, although some are bullied into it. (Time in lieu) doesn't happen, to the best of my knowledge.


And, of course, the more that some teachers do it for nothing the bigger the pressure there will be (and the expectation) that we will all do it for nothing.


We get paid (at a state 11-18 school) for Easter sessions but not for before or after school. It does appear, however, that they calculate the rate strangely. None of us can work it out but it is nothing like the hourly rate we should get, and it is different every time.


I always seem to have family events or tactical medical appointments on the days that the sessions take place.



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