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Readers respond to the author Iain Banks' death from cancer at the age of 59.

I have bought every one of his books since The Wasp Factory - most of them pretty much on publication. I even spoke to him about the relative merits of his two strings (mainstream fiction and science fiction under the name Iain M. Banks). I shall miss each and every book he doesn't write.


Sad news. I loved The Wasp Factory and made my sixth-formers read it. (Evil face!)


Oh no! That's terrible news. I love The Wasp Factory, Espedair Street and The Crow Road: three of my all-time favourite reads. I saw him once at a football match - (Manchester) City v Arsenal, I think he's a Gooner - and he seemed very pleasant and down to earth. A great loss.


I've read most of his books. About 20 years ago I saw The Wasp Factory on stage at the Citizens Theatre (in Glasgow). Brilliant but odd (trapeze artists et al).


I saw him talk a couple of times - warm, witty and self-deprecating. Also a bit geeky, but in a way that frees us all to revel in that side of ourselves.


I did not read his science fiction but love all his other books. My favourite is The Crow Road. I may need to revisit them and maybe even try the sci-fiwork.


"It was the day my grandmother exploded." One of the best opening sentences of a novel. Ever. I will miss Iain and Iain M. I probably enjoyed his non-science fiction books more. The eccentric characters he created are so skilfully described.


He was my son's favourite author. I'm so sorry he has passed - and so soon (two months I think) after the original notice of his illness.


His mainstream stuff is a bit mainstream. The science fiction is where he shines (in my opinion).



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