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Celebrities and their handbags

Anyone else think that celebrities look plain silly in their summer dresses on holiday but still carrying those ubiquitous Birkin bags? If I'm walking about somewhere really hot, the last thing I want is to drag a big bag around!

Some people are clearly quite happy to be walking, talking cliches.

They probably have all their beauty paraphernalia in there - looking that good probably takes loads of effort.

I adore handbags, I admit it. I'm not apologising for it. Mr C has given me two fabulous bags. I'm not telling you what they are but I will have them until they nail down my coffin.

Fashion handbags are pretty much always hideous.

Incidentally, has anyone seen the news story about Oprah Winfrey accusing a Swiss store of racism, as they were apparently reluctant to show her a handbag? I was more horrified by the cost of the bag. You could buy a car for that!

I saw that story. In the words of Pretty Woman, "big mistake". Oprah could afford to buy the whole shop if she wanted to. "Just a misunderstanding", my foot.

How on earth can anyone justify a price of pound;24,000 for a handbag? That is equally as obscene as racism.

I've donated all my excess bags to charity. Now to sort my wardrobe out. I wonder what celebs do with their cast-off bags and clothes?


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