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What will you remember from summer 2013?

Fabulous classes teaching English as a foreign language to teenagers. Wonderful, such enjoyment. I even had a lesson in dancing La Macarena from two Spanish girls.

Walking the moonlit countryside at 2am. Having enough wind to teach teenagers to sail and still having enough sun to keep warm in shorts. Getting heat exhaustion for the first time since 1976. And a thousand other memories.

If I remember anything about it, I hope I can laugh out loud from a safe distance.

As yet, nothing much. One of the duller summers.

Halfway decent weather for the first time in years, a family holiday for the first time in years and seeing (my) youngest grandchild wearing his new school uniform for the first time.

Sod all, really.

Buying my first home and losing the summer to DIY.

The summer of 2013 was when I made new friends in Bristol, went to lots of proms and enjoyed the sunshine!

When I got up for my customary 6am pee this morning, it was all but dark outside. I also noticed when out on the bike that some trees seem to have a few brown leaves.

It's getting quite autumnal here too - berries popping out everywhere and the brambles are mostly already ripe.


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