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Teachers striking, again!

The unions are behaving irresponsibly again, I see. There will be more rank hypocrisy from some schools who will not allow hard-pressed families to go on holiday (each day is so important to learning) while taking strike action, inconveniencing those same parents, on their terms. Poor.

How long will the strikes be? Given that not all teachers will strike, how many lessons will students lose on average? Two weeks on the Costa in term time = 10 days lost.

(Striking) now is a gift in gold wrapping paper for (Michael) Gove and his team of vultures who have been waiting for such an opportunity. They will "milk it" and teachers will slide even further down the scales of public esteem.

Just had our Ofsted Inset training. Ofsted's new regime is the most sensible yet by a very long way. Shame to go on strike about something that's actually just got better.
Paul DG

When did teachers take any industrial action in the past decade to ensure that all their colleagues had the opportunities to work and that all children would be able to have a qualified teacher to teach them for every timetabled class in school?

I'd leave salaries and improve the performance management implementation. At the moment it works to extremes - either little is done until an employee is guilty of gross misconduct or it is used to get rid of people.

Fight intelligently. Stop pretending that teachers are badly off - they aren't. Get the public on their side rather than calling strikes over money. Make it look as if they are fighting for students' education. And be honest about letting things go under Labour. It is so easy to paint them as political pawns of Labour (actually they do it themselves).

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