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New academic year resolutions, anyone?

I think it possibly a better time of year to make new year resolutions. This year, mine are: to send to Coventry anyone who mentions the name Michael Gove; to send to Coventry anyone who says, "Staff morale is at an all-time low."

My resolution for the coming academic year is, as it always is, to do what is necessary to survive.

Get all work done in work, even if that means staying till 6pm some nights to get books marked. All time outside of work is my time.

To care less. As in I couldn't.

To continue to search for jobs outside teaching. To continue to say "no" to people and not volunteer for anything. While I remain in teaching, to try my best for the students and ignore anything to do with data.

1. To keep my gob shut. 2. To keep my gob shut. 3. To keep my gob shut.

To figure out how this new pay structure is going to work .

Don't let the madhouse affect me. To be more organised (something I say every year).
Captain Obvious

I strongly suggest that all teachers make a point of checking whether their home insurance includes free legal cover. If it doesn't, add it in for little additional cost. Sadly some of you this year will unexpectedly require legal advice and support and you cannot rely on a teaching union to provide it.
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