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From the forums - The best and worst things about Christmas

Best things: my nephews and their general exuberance; going for a mountain walk on Boxing Day with a group of friends, all with pockets stuffed full of chocolates and quite possibly a few hip flasks; carolling on Christmas morning; family - most of them anyway. Worst things: don't have any, I love it all.


Best: family together; lovely food; games and laughs; more lovely food. Worst: crap television; piling on the pounds; sprout farts.


Best thing: seeing family and friends. Worst thing: eating too much - it's a good thing while it's happening but rapidly turns into the worst thing, particularly as it's hard to stop.


Best: the fact that it is only onetwo days in a whole year. Worst: the continual barrage of Christmas stories, adverts and threads.


Best thing: I'm not telling you ugly lot, but not being at work scores quite highly. Worst thing: pretty much everything "Christmassy". Barf.


Best: the excuse to eat without limit; the presents (given and received); the excuse to do nothing but sit around watching TV and eating; a house full of huge tins of chocolates; Christmas cake; Christmas pudding and brandy butter. Worst: having to make up beds for in-laws (who needn't stay over as they live 40 minutes' drive away) when I have a huge meal for 11 to cook; the planning, provisioning and organising.


Worst: usually I'm skint and have to buy presents; I do the cooking; I do the washing up; I hate most of the TV programmes. Best: I can escape to the back room; we sometimes get to eat food I would not otherwise buy; I get to sample cheese, my favourite.



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