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From the forums - You know Christmas is over when ..

The "tasteful" festive loo roll you bought has run out and you realise that you didn't buy any normal stuff to replace it.


"Festive loo roll" is the poster child of everything that I loathe about Christmas.


We bought Christmas kitchen roll - it was The Snowman.


Festive loo roll is essential.


When you have spent the morning taking down decorations and putting everything away in the loft and you feel very smug until you realise that you have missed the ones on the mantelpiece and door.


When the smell of Christmas candles and spices makes me feel nauseous.


When the door wreath has gone in the green bag for recycling and, despite extensive cleaning, the little stars from the party poppers are still making random appearances.


When you find yourself eating a huge slab of Christmas cake for breakfast because you just want to see the back of it.


When adding a shot of "something warming" to your afternoon coffee starts to look less like a good idea and more like a problem.


When my husband has finished all the dry roasted peanuts.


When the fridge is empty of goodies and the freezer is full of leftovers.



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