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Foundation is ok

Q: I have nearly completed my training and have accepted a job in a secondary school. I noticed on my contract that the school is grant maintainedfoundation. Does this have any effect on my induction year?

A: Most schools are in the maintained sector, which means that they're funded and controlled by the DfES. From September 1, 1999, four categories: community, foundation, voluntary controlled and voluntary aided replaced the previous five categories of state school, which included grant maintained (GM). Out of the 3,409 secondary schools, 514 have foundation status, which means that they have more independence from the local education authority. The governing body rather than the local education authority is the employer, owner of land and buildings and the admissions authority. This doesn't affect your induction and it's not a problem as long as you have a well run governing body that has good relations with the LEA. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't, but the school may not be keen to send you on local education authority NQT courses and may not use its payroll system. Check your contract to see that nothing non-standard has been slipped in. Your union rep should be able to warn you of any issues relating to your school.

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