Frank's back

Mention of Mulgrew, for some mysterious reason, prompts a recollection of Pignatelli - Frank of that ilk. Although reincarnated as boss of learndirectscotland out of his previous incarnation as head of the Scottish University for Industry (don't worry, they are one and the same), the former Strathclyde education supremo can never escape his past.

He was mentioned favourably in dispatches last week when MSPs were debating the Bill that introduces individua learning accounts (FE Focus, page IV). He was also mentioned by Colin Campbell, one of the regional SNP members for the west of Scotland, whose last job before retiring was heading Westwood Secondary in Easterhouse which Strathclyde shut down.

"The floodgates of memory opened when I heard Frank Pignatelli's name mentioned in the chamber as he is a former boss of mine," Campbell began. "I will try to ignore it and go on as if I had not heard."

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