Free and easy new service

The TES launches its latest Web site, Theatre for Schools, this week. For the first time, teachers will have free access on the Internet to information on all theatre companies doing work for young people in schools, theatres and community venues around the UK. The information is divided into easily accessible categories, including theatre in education, youth theatre and mainhouse productions. Every term, the Web site will have three reviews, chosen to give a geographical spread of coverage.

You don't have to be a Net nerd to use this service. All you do is key in and then click Theatre for Schools. From there, just click the particular category you want. Or you can browse through the lot. You'll find everything from the latest in-service training courses at the National Theatre to details on curriculum-oriented work such as Floating Point Science Theatre, to descriptions of issue-based theatre such as Theatre Centre's "Positive Mental Health". Click on theatres' Web site addresses and you'll automatically be transported to their Web pages. Even for unreconstructed technophobes, it could hardly be easier.

If you have information on any theatre companies not listed in Theatre for Schools, or if you've used any service listed that you have strong feelings about, please write, with details, to Reva Klein (e-mail: friday@tes. co. uk; fax: 0171 782 3200)

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