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Free materials

Sue Jones tells you which companies offer resources for schools.

They are free unless otherwise stated. Visits, workshops and seminars are usually charged

The target age ranges for materials (Pr for primary,sec for secondary) are indicated, as well as specific subject areas


Website that lets you make virtual tours of nine museums around the UK.

See 3D views of the artefacts, zoom in on the exhibits, or you can check up on what you've seen after a real-life visit. Download primary and secondary projects connected with telecommunications.


Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries.

History of medicines.

See Sciences

BBC Extensive information, resources, worksheets and revision guides on many subjects. Pr, Sec.

BNFL Debates on nuclear power. See Sciences

BT DVDs, 'Talkdog' magazine, teaching materials on speaking and listening.

Education programme on communication with roadshow, BT volunteers to assist teachers with materials and BT Awards for schools with innovative communication ideas. Pr, Mid; speaking and listening. Cadbury's Information and exercises on chocolate, social and economic history and the environment, some based on the company archives from the 19th century, and a modern marketing campaign.

KS2, KS3; history, maths, environment.

Channel 4 Teachers' notes for Channel 4 schools programmes on wide variety of topics. Links to interactive websites with games and quizzes. Pr, Sec; wide range.


Compassion in World Farming Trust Resources on animal farming, trade, food production. Some free.

Sec; geography, PSHE.

Connected Earth Run by BT, web-based network of UK museums, virtual tours, 3D views of artefacts in the collections. History of telecommunications.

Pr, Sec; ICT, science, humanities, business, media, maths, design and technology.

The Countryside Agency Statutory body for rural England. Research papers, policy statements and information packs. Some free. KS5, teachers; geography, business studies, general studies.

Countryside Foundation for Education Resources on rural issues. KS2, KS3; geography, environment.

Energy Institute Covers oil and gas industries. See Sciences

Fairtrade Resource packs to develop concept of fair trade.

Pr, Sec; geography, PSHE, citizenship, religious education, business studies.

Food and Farming Partnership Database of opinions from many sources on various farming issues, such as food miles. In Welsh and English.Sec.

Guardian Media Group Workshops and seminars on the media.

KS4, KS5, teachers; media studies.

National Portrait Gallery

Online database of historic portraits. Gallery visits, workshops and resource packs to buy.

Pr, Sec; art, history.

The Newspaper Publication for 8 to 12- year-olds, online or paper copy by subscription, issued six times a year. Worksheets available.

KS2, KS3; literacy, citizenship.

Pfizer History of science. See Sciences

Royal Geographical Society Topical information on events, news.

KS4, KS5.

RSPB Information, activities and worksheets on geographical and scientific issues relating to birdlife.

Pr, Sec; literacy, numeracy, environment, geography, science.

Soil Association Resources and teaching ideas on organic farming.

Pr, Sec; environment, geography, maths, science, English, PSHE, citizenship.


Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries Wide range of resources on science, some interactive. Some not free.

Pr, Sec; science, health, business studies, history of medicine, PE.

BBC Schools programmes materials and background information.

See English

BAe Systems Network of schools supported by BAe Systems, materials and project ideas on the website.

KS2, KS3; science, design and technology, engineering.

BNFL Resources on the nuclear industry and history of energy use. KS2, Sec; science, history, geography, citizenship.

Boots Learning School Information, projects, investigations and worksheets on pharmaceutical and beauty products and health issues. Pr, Sec; science, numeracy, literacy, PSHE.

British Aerosol Manufacturers Association Information and worksheets on how aerosols work, safety advice. Sec; science, design and technology, manufacturing.

British Gas Worksheets, activities and resource cards on generating, using and saving energy. Pr, Sec; science.

British Heart Foundation Information on how the heart works, healthy living. Sec; science, PE.

British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition, food industries. See ICT Cadbury's Covers environmental issues. See English

Channel 4 Teachers' notes for schools programmes. See English Chemical Industry Education Centre Science activity packs on a range of topics. Not free. Pr, Sec; science, environment, design and technology.


Compassion in World Farming Trust Agricultural issues. See English The Countryside Agency Land use issues. See English

Countryside Foundation for Education - Agriculture, land use. See English Connected Earth History of telecommunications. See English

EDF Energy Information and online games and exercises on uses of electricity and safety.

KS2, KS3; science.

Energy Institute Information and worksheets on oil and gas industries Sec; science, geography, business studies, environment.

GlaxoSmithKline Resources on science and medicine, some free Pr, Sec. www.gsk.comeducation ICI Biology, chemistry resources, some free. Pr, Sec.


Macmillan Cancer Relief See PSHE

Nuffield Foundation Resources, mostly science related, including information on new GCSE Science for the Twenty-first Century Primary: science, maths, history, design and technology; secondary: science, maths, business studies, citizenship, Russian language

Pfizer History of science, based on a detailed timeline. Sec; science, history.

Rolls-Royce Science resources, some free. Programme to develop science teaching in schools and colleges.

Pr, Sec. www.rolls-royce.comeducationschoolsdefault.jsp

Royal Air Force Maths based on problems encountered on an RAF mission. Sec.

Royal Navy Maths and Engineering in Action: exercises using advanced applied maths on practical problems encountered by the Royal Navy. KS5.

RSPB Wildlife and environment.

See English

Schoolscience Independent publishing company supported by industry.

Wide range of resources, worksheets and teachers' notes. Mostly Sec.

Soil Association See English

Thames Water Resources and extensive links for all aspects of water use Pr, Sec; science.


Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries Production of medicines.

See Sciences

BBC Schools programme materials. See English

Businessdynamics Business education and enterprise charity, runs programmes in schools and colleges and seminars for teachers to bring business to life KS4, KS5, teachers; business, enterprise education.

Channel 4 Teachers' notes for programmes. See English

Demos Independent think tank. Articles, speeches, research papers on political, social and economic issues

KS5, teachers; social sciences, citizenship, general studies.

Energy Institute Oil and gas industries. See Sciences

Inland Revenue Leaflets and statistics on the tax system, mostly in the site's practitioner zone. Teachers; economics.

McDonald's Company information on finance and franchising.

KS4, KS5; business studies.

Nuffield Foundation Research on social issues. See Sciences Proshare Student Investor 2005 Competitions based on making investment decisions, with free teachers' resource pack.

KS4, KS5; business studies, enterprise education.

Sainsbury's Retail industry info.


The Times 100 Business news and exercises, company case studies and reference materials. KS4, KS5, teachers; business studies.


BAe Systems Resources on design, engineering. See Science

BBC Schools programmes materials and wide varity of background material. See English British Aerosol Manufacturers Association How aerosols work.

See Science

British Egg Information Service Information and advice on everything about eggs: production, cookery, health. Primary: cross-curricular resources and activities; secondary: cross-curricular resources, food technology, media studies, business studies.

British Nutrition Foundation Scientific and educational charity providing information, worksheets and presentations on all aspects of food and nutrition.

Pr, Sec; food industries, science.

btinternet Information and advice on GCSE Technology. KS4.


Centre for Education and Industry Research and support materials for GCSE and A-level applied vocational subjects, enterprise and work-related learning. Not free.

KS4, KS5, teachers.

Channel 4 Teachers' notes for programmes. See English

Chemical Industry Education Centre Sciencetechnology activity packs.

See Science

Connected Earth

3-D views of artefacts from history of telecommunications.

See English

Design Council Product profiles and case studies, teachers' packs, ideas for projects. KS4, KS5, teachers; design, manufacturing.

Learning and Skills Development Agency Information, advice, materials.

KS4, KS5; vocational GCSEs and A-Levels.

Orange Video and resources on personal safety with mobile phones.

Sec; ICT, business studies, PSHE, citizenship. communityeducation.html

Sainsbury's Resources on food technology, nutrition and retailing.

Pr, Sec; nutrition, food industries, business studies


Aimhigher Information and resources to encourage young people to consider higher education. S.

Amnesty International Resources and activities on human rights linked to various subjects. Some free.

Pr, Sec.

BBC Schools programmes and wide variety of background information.

See English

Be Real Classroom-based game on careers, work-related learning and financial capability. Not free.

Sec; careers, work-related learning, PSHE.

Careers Research and Advisory Centre Information on careers. Programmes for students and teachers on enterprise education. Not free. KS3, KS4, KS5; careers, enterprise education.

Changemakers Charity offering programmes to help young people become involved in community issues. Free pack on active citizenship.

Sec; citizenship, enterprise education.

Channel 4 Teachers' notes for schools programmes. See English

Envolve Charity working with schools to link sustainability projects to the curriculum. Pr, Sec; PSHE.

Fair Trade Ethics of world trade relations. See English

Laing Homes Safe Play At All Times: resources about not playing on building sites. Pr; PSHE.

Macmillan Cancer Relief Resources for discussing cancer with young people.

Pr, Sec; PSHE, science.

NatWest Resources on personal finance capability and enterprise education.

KS4, KS5; PSHE, enterprise education.

The Newspaper Current events. KS2-3. See English

Orange How to use mobile phones safely. See ICT

Pfeg Educational charity developing young people's understanding of personal finance, taxation and banking. Classroom resources, some free.

Sec; PSHE, enterprise education.

Virtual Industry Placement Information and advice on careers, employability and transferable skills. Contacts with world of work. Sec; careers, work related learning.

Welsh Consumer Council Detailed website on all aspects of consumer information and rights, in Welsh and English. Sec; PSHE.


Be Real Careerswork-related game.


Business dynamics Business education. See Social sciences

Careers Research and Advisory Centre Information and business education progammes. See PSHE

Centre for Education and Industry Research and support materials for GCSE and A-level vocational, enterprise and work-related learning. See ICT

Channel 4 - Real Deal Information and advice for young people on running your own business. KS4, KS5. enterprise education.


Enterprise Insight National campaign of events promoting enterprise, focused on Enterprise Week, Nov 14-20, 2005.

Sec; enterprise education, business studies, citizenship.

Learning and Skills Development Agency Resources for vocational GCSEs and A-levels. See ICT

National Education Business Partnership Network Umbrella organisation for education-business partnerships. Supports work experience placements, teacher placements and enterprise education programmes. Sec; enterprise education, work related learning.

National Enterprise Network Supports enterprise education, highlighting good practice, resources and information. Case study notes for teachers.

Sec; enterprise education

NatWest Personal finance. See PSHE

Proshare Student Investor 2005 Competition for investing in stock market.

See Social Sciences Shell LiveWIRE Website with information for young people on running your own business.

KS4, KS5;

Virtual Industry Placement Careers and employment information. See PSHE

Working on Enterprise Resource pack for teachers with CD-Rom, lesson plans and worksheets on enterprise education and work related learning. Not free.

KS4; enterprise education, work-related learning.

Young Enterprise Charity offering "learning by doing", run-your-own company programmes.

Pr, Sec; enterprise education.

FOR TEACHERS Evaluate Database of online resources with evaluations by teachers. Range of subjects and ages


Everything to do with water, from environment projects to engineering to sewage treatment, plus activities and worksheets. And many links to other sites covering water across many subjects at all levels.


A site devoted to improving children's health by promoting understanding of where food comes from, how it's processed, what to eat and how to prepare it. And there's advice and information on whole school policies for healthy schools.


This broad-based consumer education site is about far more than shopping. It has detailed information and advice on everything from labelling goods to your bank account to safety and dealing with emergencies - and a section on how to complain!

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