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Bear facts

The bears may chase Goldilocks in the old story, but nowadays the threat is usually the other way round. The Bears of the World pack explains many of the ways in which humans menace bears, such as the destruction of habitats, hunting, circuses and badly kept zoos. A poster and photographs introduce many species from the familiar grizzly and giant panda to the sun bear of south-east Asia. The pack is produced by the World Society for the Protection of Animals, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP. Tel: 020 7587 5000 Fax: 020 7793 0208

Food fortnight

Tomatoes, bread, honey, apples, even Brussels sprouts might find a place in British Food Fortnight starting on September 20. A free poster suggests how schools might mark the occasion, perhaps publishing a cookbook or hosting a bring and share harvest festival supper. Schools can visit a farm, send for packs and videos or book a speaker or roadshow.

Tel: 020 7840 9292


Garden party

The Growing Schools Garden is the creation of 21 urban and rural schools all over England. A teachers' resource pack enables everyone to share their ideas. Each worksheet is clearly written and provides links with many curriculum areas. You might seek inspiration in the past and create a butterfly and bee border or grow a medieval herb bed. Alternatively, you could set up a renewable energy watering system or install an interactive pergola. Whatever your choice, you'll help turn barren playgrounds into welcoming green spaces. The pack can be downloaded at:

Film preview

Louis Sachar's cult novel Holes is bound to become even more popular when the Disney film is released here, with Sigourney Weaver and Jon Voight as the nasty adults who rule the boot-camp to which hero Stanley is unjustly sent. Film Education will produce a digital resource to be mailed to teachers this month. Meanwhile, the official website has a wealth of education materials used by US teachers. These range from straightforward writing activities - comparing the book to the film, getting the scoop on Stanley's story - to debates on racist legislation and investigating the non-existent yellow-spotted lizard. The Holes film trailer and school materials are at See also

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